Yesterday we found out that Z had been exposed to chicken pox. I guess we all were exposed but its more critical with Z as he is on chemo treatment and that completely voids any vacinations or previous resistents he would have had.  So I got him to the hospital as quickly as I could to get two shots, one in each leg (which he really did not appreciate immensely) and now we wait.  The shots don't guarantee that he won't get chicken pox but if he does, it should be a milder case.  If he does get it he will be admitted in the hospital so they can give him another med to help his body to get over it quicker and safely avoid
infections.  If nothing happens over the next 21 days, than he is in the clear.

So what was our thoughts when we heard that this other boy he was with developed chicken pox?  "Nice,... real nice."  Not upset with anybody, but just hoped that we could have avoided chicken pox completely while on chemo.  Considering that the full treatment protocol is 3.5 years and we are just 7 months away from the end, it went pretty well, but in reality we cannot shelter him from something invisible like a virus. 

For now we watch and observe our little Z.

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