A few nights back, coming home from from my daughter's music lesson, we stopped  at Walmart for something and on the way back out my daughter tells me "I smell something yummy... McDonald french fries... Can we get some?" My response was no. A week earlier our son on chemo treatment had a fever and was admitted in  the hospital, and when he is either hubby or myself stay with him. Usually I'm there and hubby spells me off in the evenings so I can have a break. (It really
is not fun but I'll have to post about that some other time.) So as a special treat I took the other two kids to McDonalds for supper one night. The next day I went back in to be with our son and hubby went to a fishing show in Toronto with the two kids and a friend as was planned prior to the hospital stay. Along the way to Toronto they all had stopped at Wendy's.

So back to this night when asked about getting fries, the reason for saying no was she had two fast foods recently and that was more than enough and she was pretty lucky to have had those "treats". She said ok and paused abit and then commented "we only go to McDonalds when Z goes in the hospital, right?" I answered "yup, that's generally when we do that."  Her next words were, with hands clasped together, "Dear God, please make Z have..." and then started giggling as I interrupted with "oh don't you do that" and than we laughed together. Its not always easy with a sibling with special medical needs, so it's nice to have a good giggle when seeing the positive side of things, even if it is just being able to go to